The Wolf Creek Gazette/Adventure Girl FAQ page.
 Q: What is a FAQ?

A: A Very bad acronym for feebly-answered-queries.

Q: Are there any other really bad acronyms?

A: EPEC, Lake County’s erosion education program would be pretty much
near the top on spelling issues alone. It is said to stand for Erosion
Protection Education Committee.

Q: Where did Adventure Girl come from?

A: She was a character created in the premier issue of the Wolf Creek
Gazette (print edition) On Oct. 31, 1996.

Q: Does Adventure Girl have super powers?

A: She used to, but the liability insurance on super powers is quite

Q: Why are so many of the whorehouses in Nevada based in mobile homes?

A: How come you know this?

Q: Are there many SUVs in Nevada?

A: Only in metro Las Vegas. In the boonies they are rare.

Q: What, pray tell, is the Wolf Creek Gazette?

A: We’re sorry you asked that because it’s a very weird story. We
started a weekly news magazine in 1996 called the Wolf Creek Gazette.
Previous incarnations were the Dry Gulch Gazette and the Pet Gazette.

This was a print publication. It never actually folded but at some point we just never got around to publishing it anymore. There was a fair amount of humor in this publication. Truth, Justice and Armadillos was its motto; Groucho Marxism was its focus.

One of the running jokes was our inability to get out a weekly publication
on a weekly basis.

Q: Who is McKubelek?

A: McKubelek is one of those rare Bohemians of Irish persuasion. He
became Irish by adding the Mc to the Bohemian part, and by partaking
in Irish coffee, not to mention a bottle of Guiness now and then.

McKubelek loves Adventure Girl and often motivates her to undertake projects when her common sense dictates otherwise.

Q: What’s the difference between a bunny rabbit and guinea pig? 
A. Guinea pigs have shorter ears, but more importantly, bunnies have six teeth while guinea pigs have only four.