Abigail The Adventure Dog !
Yes Abigail. Now tell the kind folks about all the great adventures you have.

Like the time you went canoeing...
You love watching the fish, remember ?
You'd look over each side til the boat rocked.
Funny how you would switch sides every time I switched hands...

Then, after paddling to a remote spot, we'd hoist on our backpacks and start truckin'

You are an attention-hog Abby, even after we
wear you out huh?

Abby !
Tell 'em about the beautiful views, the whispering breezes and glorious solitude we find !
Note: Picayune Valley in the Granite Chief Wilderness in background


Well, I'm  afraid it's true-we have come to " The End of the Road"

I am sorry Abigail, but that sign means NO DOGS  and we can thank the California State Parks system for their incredible wisdom in making this policy.

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