Brushy Bob is
Miss Adventure's bedraggled but loyal sidekick.
A humorist by trade, he specializes in ill-humor.
He is wanting in both a sense of direction 
and geography, assuring  even Miss Adventure's  most mundane treks become cliff-hangers.
In fact, his closet is full of cliff-hangers (next to the skeletons).

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Greg, or ah, Brushy Bob has a new novel published under the name of B.T. Raven. Click the image to download the free Kindle sample.

Welcome to the Wolf Creek Gazette, home to the adventurous adventuress.
She began her career as an engraver's
model for 19th-Century magazines, such as the Woman's Home Companion and Cow & Plow, the farming journal.
Her greatest fame came as a corset model for the 1913 Sears, Roebuck & Company catalogue.
She began her adventures whilst seeking  the perfect chocolate. She's yet seeking.
Miss Adventure & the
episode at Ahjumawi
Or how Adventure Girl 
became Miss Adventure
Carefully set down 
from the diaries of Miss Adventure.

RAT FARM -East of Mount Shasta on the Modoc Plateau there is an obscure waterway named Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park  described as a paddlers’ paradise.
Since we happened to be in the market for some paradise, we loaded Tippy the Canoe and Abigail the dog and set off for high adventure in early August. After all, who could resist the thought of launching
an expedition from a place with the romantic-sounding name of Rat Farm? 

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Index  of narratives

Chapter 1

A Modoc Moment:

The Ahjumawi canoe-camping
expedition - starts below on this page

Chapter 2
Igneous is Bliss:

A yachting expedition to the Hell Hole Cataract.

Chapter 3
Smokey da' Bear and the Swirling Maw of Death:

Canoeing the rapids of the Trinity River: A tale of rapidly declining prospects


Still to come

The mystery of Bloody Rock - whereas the trio of intrepid explorers to unravel an historical mystery of an indian massacre

The Adventures of Otzi and Harriet - If it's good enough for a 5,000 year-old alpine mummy, it's good enough for us!

 This piece has done got itself writ - Just tryin' to format it! - March 17, 2006


The real Miss Adventure took this photo of her sons in the high Sierras about 1932. Pearl Kreutzmann and the two tykes went alone on this unpaved holiday.