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Our 11th Year; Wow!


Discounts: 10% discount on your dog's next grooming if you  pre-book your next appointment.

Give us a call at 528-7532 and we will be happy to give a price guestimate for either a haircut or bath-and-brush service.

About Us
Classy Lassie Dog Grooming opened for business in summer 2004.

Marcia has been grooming for about 14 years; 10 years in Sonoma County. 

Greg is Marcia's husband, bather, plumber, electrician and accountant.

Abigail is our in-house greeter, new-product tester and biscuit pirate.




Services offered
Full groom: (haircut) Price is breed dependent. Includes all services of a bath-and-brush plus trim to your specifications. Dematting and strips are available. We can give you a sort of guesstimate over the phone.

Bath and brush: Prices start at $16 for small short-coated breeds. Includes bath, complete drying of coat, brushout, ear cleaning, nail trim, feet trimming if  needed and a sanitary trim if needed.

Nail clip: $7.50. Nail clips are included with bath and grooming services but you can get just nail clipping as a stand -alone service.

Toothbrushing is available for $7.50. 

Medicated, flea, hypoallergenic and remoisturizing treatments are available @$7.50 extra

Mud bath?
We can fix that. Try our:
Quick Bath : Just the bath and nail trim. We can do this in a half-hour or less. It's inexpensive $10-15 (up to $20 for a giant breed.)

This is comparable to self-service bath in price. Coat may be damp and does not include brushout.

Good for short-coated dogs.

Some Prices:
Bath and brush prices start at $16 before discounts.
Haircuts average  $40.
see some other prices at left.

Shampoos and Conditioners:

Tearless: Our basic shampoo; it's hypoallergenic too!

Flea: Our Flea treatment is pesticide free. $7.50 extra.

Whitening shampoo: Bluing agent mostly for white coats, is also a very good coat conditioner. No extra charge.

Remoisturizer: Breeds in this area weren't bred for this area.
Dry skin abounds. $7.50 additional charge.


Fleas, ticks and heartworms

We offer flea shampoo as part of  our other services. There is usually a small additional charge.

Our flea treatment uses a non-insecticidal shampoo that is very effective when applied appropriately.

It works by acidifying the coat and skin with citrus oil.

This works very nicely as long as the dog is not further exposed to a flea-infested environment (If your yard has fleas, your dog will have fleas).

Here's the rundown of topical treatments:

Frontline: Kills fleas and ticks. Available over-the-counter

Frontline Plus: Kills fleas and ticks and claims ability to kill ticks in larvae stage. Available over-the-counter.

Advantage: Kills fleas but not ticks. Available over-the-counter

Advantix: Kills fleas and ticks: available over-the-counter

Revolution: Kills fleas, ticks, and heartworm. By vet prescription in USA, but over-the-counter in Australia.

We do not presently stock any of these but will apply them for you if desired.

We are considering stocking Frontline. 



What to do if your pet is skunked!

1. Wash the pet immediately with whatever means and shampoo you have available. This will resolve 80% of the problem if done within an hour of being skunked.

Once the skunk oil sets into the coat and skin you will have a very aromatic life for a quite a awhile.

We have never encountered a skunk treatment that works, despite claims of the manufacturer.

All of the so-called skunk treatments we have tried seem to depend on lacing the shampoo with lots of perfume to cover-up the odor.

Does tomato juice work?

It might help because tomatoes have high acidity. Messy and expensive.

A solution maybe?

Here's another folk remedy that has many advocates:
1/4 cup baking soda
1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
drop of dishwashing liquid
Make a paste of the ingredients, use immediately after mixing, work into coat, let sit 5 minutes, rinse.
The peroxide could bleach the coat but we've never had this problem.
We've also never used this concoction on a client's dog.  Please try it at your own risk!

This particular remedy is attributed to chemist William Wood of Humboldt State University; we got it from the New York Times.
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